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As dental practice has evolved, so has dental technology. Today, there’s a wide variety of digital tools available that make dental work more pleasant for our patients, and much faster. We’ve invested in many digital tools that we feel allow us to serve our patients in the most efficient way possible. It’s really an investment in your dental experience!

Dental Chair

Dental Chair

Cone Beam CT Scanner

Our Cone Beam CT (Computed Tomography) is a type of X-ray machine that can take extremely detailed 3D images of patients’ dental structures, nerves and bone. Its detailed images allow for more precise treatment planning, especially for more complex procedures like dental implants.

Dental Chair

CEREC Digital Scan and Design

Our CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) scanner and software is a powerful technology that allows us to design and create custom inlays, onlays, and crowns right here in the office. That means no more messy and unpleasant impressions, and no more waiting for an off-site lab to fabricate the prosthetics.

Dental Chair

Cerec Primemill

Custom restorations used to be a time-consuming situation, since the clinic had to outsource their creation to specialized labs. But at Filice Dentistry, quality, personalized dental prosthetics (restorations) are a quick and simple task that we can execute right here in our own lab. Our Primemill milling machine can create your restoration in just minutes.

Dental Chair

Cerec SpeedFire

Zirconia restorations (crowns, inlays, etc.) are some of the most durable available, but creating them typically required the help of a specialized lab. That’s not that case for clinics with Speedfire technology—like Filice Dentistry. Our SpeedFire Dental Furnace allows us to create custom restorations with the strength of zirconia in a single visit, in-house.

Dental Chair

Cerec Primeprint

This technology is similar to a 3D printer you might have experienced, but it creates custom, medical-grade dental prosthetics and appliances. There’s no end to the number of items this technology can help us create for our patients—in-house, and on the same day.

Laser disinfection

Our in-clinic laser tool uses a beam of light to disinfect the tissue and pockets in a way traditional methods just cannot match. This enhances healing of the infection and inflammation from active periodontal disease.

3D digitization tool

We use a digital imaging tool called “Face Hunter”. This is a scanner for photorealistic 3D digitization of patient faces as a working basis for the manufacture of custom dental restorations. It’s used for complex cases and helps us and the lab produce an ideal outcome for patients.