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Dr Filice has been practicing dentistry and creating long-term patient relationships since 1988. He has created a practice that strives to provide exceptional dental service in a caring and warm environment.

Filice Dentistry

Dr. Elio Filice has been practising in Hamilton since 1988. Dr. Filice believes in continuing education – for himself, his staff and his patients. All of our staff strive to help patients make informed decisions about their dental health. New patients meet with a special dental coordinator, and all patients are encouraged to ask questions and learn more about what they can do to care for their teeth. Dr. Filice understands the importance of having the whole family care for their teeth, and we offer a special education room for kids to learn about their teeth and what happens at the dentist’s office. We also have a special play area for kids in the waiting room and offer free parking in our parking lot.

At Filice Dentistry, we believe in using the latest technology to provide the best care for your teeth. These include:

Digital X-rays: Digital X-rays use much less radiation than traditional tape X-rays. They are also more environmentally friendly. But we like them best because they give us better images of your teeth!

Panoramic X-rays: Panoramic X-rays are a quick and easy way to get a panoramic view of your whole mouth much more easily than taking multiple separate X-rays.

Cephalometric X-rays: Cephalometric X-rays show us your jaw and bone structure. This is helpful to determine how teeth are growing and to plan orthodontic treatment, because they show us how your jaw and bone will change with treatment.

Dr. Filice and his team take pride in the long-term relationships they have developed with patients in the Hamilton area. Come meet Dr. Filice and find out if Filice Dentistry is a good fit for you!

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